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    William Knowles

      Hey Roger,

      I was curious about something – what focal lengths do you generally shoot on? Do you have any particular favorites?

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      It’s pretty well documented that Roger most often shoot with and prefer the 32mm.

      Roger Deakins

        A 35mm or a 32mm, yes, but I also use a 40mm and a 50mm regularly. I will also use a 28mm or a 25mm, maybe an 18mm, sometimes a 16mm, or even a 135mm. Perhaps a 300mm or an 800mm. What shot are you asking about?

        Tyler F

          I imagine with is spekaing for S35 format

          Roger Deakins

            Yes, I was referencing a super 35mm format. On ‘1917’, which we shot on the LF, a 40mm was about the only focal length we used and it was on the camera quite often on ‘Empire of Light’ as well.

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