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      Hi Roger, James and everyone else!

      I’m a long time lurker and have appreciated this forum since the beginning of its existence.

      I recently put together a demo reel from several short films and would love to see what I could improve upon within my lighting and compositions. Any and all criticism welcome as I’m here to grow along everyone else.

      Thank you!

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        If I may, I’m noticing a real issue with the headroom of your subjects. In some shots it feels as though it’s been carelessly cropped in on almost like a pan-and-scan you see in some old movies. Many have the heads of people cut off either too close to the top of their head or right in the middle of their forehead.

        I think you might (everyone does) benefit from taking a look at some classical paintings and photography to hone your compositions. Lighting and camera quality can only take you so far if you can’t also construct powerful frames.

        Good luck!

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