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      Hi All

      In Stanley Kubrick’s, Eyes Wide Shut, there’s a scene where Nicole Kidman’s character is staring at a mirror before she opens the mirror and retrieves a small bag of weed hidden inside the compartment. While she does this, the mirror swings open and we should see the camera but we don’t!

      How did Stanley and his team hide the camera from the moving reflection, CGI wasn’t available back then, are there double mirrors involved?

      I’ve attached a video of the scene for reference. Note that I’m not referring to the use of spiral composition that is mentioned in the video.


      Thank you all!

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        Skyfall scene.

        This set always intrigues me. You certainly stop eating your popcorn when watching this scene, you are not sure at first which one is JB but hoping he is the victor. Very impressive imo and wonder how it was conceived, you must have played around with different background scenes so why did you choose the jelly fish sequence and what were alternatives.

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