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    Ganesh Venkatesh

      Hi everyone,

      I shot with a particular image system and compositions
      sometimes the editor changes them (scaling, cropping).

      ->maybe I think the main problem is working as a director and cinematographer myself. I’m always thinking as a cinematographer and trying to save my compositions from editor. I think it is not right. everybody have their own creativity we can’t restrict them. so, I give editor to make changes. but at the end I had lot of thoughts on changes whether it makes the film better or not.

      did anyone have this problem with the editor, give me any suggestions to deal with it.

      thank you

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      I would suggest asking the editor and see what his reasons were for making the changes. I would guess the scaling was probably from trying to stabilize the footage (which could require some cropping in) or trying to frame it when eyelines could be closer to matching, but these are just my guesses. But definitely ask your editor!


        For an editor to change the cinematographer’s work without a very good reason shows a lack of respect — a cinematographer wouldn’t come into the editing room and start changing cuts after all.  Sometimes there is a good reason though — but an editor would usually tell the cinematographer what was going on and why they had to crop into the shot, etc.

        I only once worked with an editor who routinely recomposed and even re-colored footage I shot, which was crazy. But the movie was not very good and the director was crazy, so I just let them do what they wanted to the footage.  But it was really annoying — the editor only wanted to use close-ups so took all the medium and wide shots and zoomed into them to create even more close-ups and told me I wasn’t shooting enough close-ups!


          Agreed. It’s a complete lack of respect.
          Some films or projects can become a shit war show of power between producers, directors, editors  and everyone else.
          I’ve seen it happening more than once. Sometimes is the editor, other the producer, then the director…
          I do as David, shut up and walk away.

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