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    Joshua Clark

      Hi Sir Roger,

      For exteriors during the middle of the day, do you ever use large frames of diffusion, or do you tend to keep it natural and backlight your subjects only? If you do use diffusion, what is your go-to for exterior day scenes?

      Thank you!

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        Of course, not Roger but I’ve been following these forums for a while now and feel like he generally answers these questions with a no… that he prefers bouncing (without sandwiching) and finding the right angle/time of day. I think on some shots a smaller low-level diffusion to keep the directionality with perhaps lightly softening the quality of light… But I’m following to see what others say as well.

        Roger Deakins

          I have used a lamp a time or two but I usually use some sort of bounce material. When I have projected a lamp through diffusion I have used a half or a full grid cloth.

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