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    Steven Li

      Hello Mr. Deakins,

      Thank you very much for answering my question on color!

      I have two other question about the mindset you have been taking for both photography and cinematography.

      Since I am a photographer and have very little involvement in cinematography (even though I do appreciate cinematography), these questions may seem a little bit of shortsighted in a cinematographer’s perspective: does the concept of “the decisive moment” play a significant role in your approach towards cinematography and photography? While shooting a film, do you tend to create a “decisive moment” on purpose, for the sake of visual impact primarily?

      Again, thank you very much!

      Steven Li

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      Roger Deakins

        A film crew works towards creating a moment on set that is similarly “decisive”. Of course, it is different from street photography but, while that moment on a film set might seem repeatable it is not. A single take is the product of so many complicated elements coming together at the same time.

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