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      Good morning Roger, thank you for taking my question.  I’m 48, late deafened (in high school) and wear a cochlear implant.  Jordan Cronenweths photography on Blade Runner  made me obsessed with movie making at the age of 8.  I never had the guts to find my way into the industry, so who knows what will happen in the future.  I think I might be happy to sweep the set if I had the chance to work on a movie.  But my question is, what kind of challenges do you see for a deaf person on a film set, beyond the obvious?  There are still a lot of hearing people who get visibly frustrated and angry when they have to deal with a deaf person who seemingly is not the perfect lipreader.  A film set seems like a very high pressure environment with the investors constantly coming down on you, and that stuff rolls downhill.

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      M Ryan

        Hi Fred, not Roger 🙂 just want to say it’s great to see you here – have you gone or thought about going to a film school? Do you make your own short films? Keep going – I worked with 2 people in a similar situation to yours in film schools and there was alot of support and encouragement from the industry here (Australia). It’s never too late!


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