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      At this stage I  will happily listen to Roger and James talk about literally anything. but this was an odd episode and drifted into strange territory. I know most people involved in this side of things understand how it works but. At one point Their answer to “what can the commission do for a Filmaker ” was “10 or 20 percent.” that was it! No further information to what this percentage referred to at all. (im not looking for an explanation personally) but it was just an odd chat compared to the usual. (im probably just having a bad day)


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        (im probably just having a bad day)

        No, I felt the same. I was looking forward to get a glimpse into the people and work behind a film festival and film commission but learned hardly anything of that, just odd answers and what felt like marketing of Dallas.

        After so many fantastic episodes, there had to be a blank at one point 🙂


          I think it has a lot to do with the bar being set so very high for this podcast. Every guest usually is pretty much a world leader in their field.

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