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      Dear Mr Deakins,

      I hope you are well. I have a university project coming up where we are using a ceiling-less vector set with a couple of windows. I was wondering how you would approach lighting it so it looked natural and not like it was shot on a set. There are TVs we can put in the windows but I’m not so keen on that and was considering just covering them. What would you do here?

      Many thanks,



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        If anybody else has any tips for this it would be much appreciated!


          What’s a vector set? Is this a day scene? Do you have a grid above the set? How big are the windows? What do you want it to look like in terms of mood?


            <p style=”text-align: left;”>I can’t remember how you spell it but it’s like a cardboard set with no ceiling to it but it’s in a gallery so there’s a sort of grid yes. Not sure of exact dimensions for windows. Was put a bit more at ease today with creating a natural look from a workshop but now the challenge is gonna be hiding those lights. Also it’s easy for us to make it look like there’s natural light on a close up but for wides I’m not very confident so any advice on that would be great. I think we just want a natural look but also want to implement greens and blues to create the mood.</p>
            The biggest concern for us now is making it look like the whole set is naturally lit so it doesn’t look like it’s shot on a stage because most of the last years’ projects looked like that.

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