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    Jakob Webb

      I’m shooting a scene for a short film that requires a black void location. In the scene the character has to be poking out of a gap, but I don’t want these walls creating the gap to be visible.

      I was thinking maybe I should shoot this outside in at night but I am also renting a sports hall to film another scene in an I’m wondering if I could use that somehow?

      Does anyone have any ideas on ways I could achieve this?





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        May want to composite the shot with a black solid color plate. If the lighting on the black doesn’t matter, that’s the easiest… but it may look a bit weird… You can test it by downloading some green screen footage of a person and matting it out and then combining it with a black plate.

        Roger Deakins

          I thin k you could simply shoot this with black velvet drape but I would be careful about what your character is wearing. If the black is not dense enough you should be able to crunch it with a window in timing. You could shoot this inside or at night outside. You only need black in the area directly interacting with the character.


        Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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