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      I apologize in advance if I try to ask the 1000 question on a topic as a new member 😉

      Cove Lightning
      Sometimes the lights are on the floor, sometimes the lighting comes from the top: Does this have a big impact on bouncing? Or is it just a space thing?

      Will the unbleached muslin be doubled? So that no lighting can shine through?

      I don’t quite understand yet: will the first lighting be set brighter? And the 2nd less? And the 3rd even more dimmed? Or do all 3 have the same brightness?

      If RD uses tungsten lighting in the room and daylight shines through the window, does he use a CTO window film (100, 50, 25%?). Or does he “just” put a gel filter on the camera lens? Or deliberately using mixed light?

      Thanks if someone takes the trouble to help a greenhorn …. Thank you so much!!!

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      Roger Deakins

        I have no formula! I would have to know the context and the location before deciding what I might do.

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