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      What techniques do you use to flag off larger source for interiors? I like using the largest diffusion source (6’x6′ +) I can fit inside but sometimes get into trouble with light hitting the rear walls or the ambiance coming up in directions I did not intend even if I put a control grid over the frame. Of course camera angle and light position can make a big difference but this doesn’t always solve it for me.


      thank you

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      Andrew C

        Making sure the light and diffusion is far away from the wall can help, using flags like 4×4 floppies, I’ve heard of some cinematographers taping duvetyne to the ceiling to stop any bounce light. Making the light more from the side versus frontal can help.

        Also, check this out:


          I sometimes make super large “barndoors” from floppies/cutters.

          2 4×4 Floppies on the sides and a long 72″ cutter on the top (and bottom) work against spilling everything.

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