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      Hello Roger Deakins, I hope you are well. My name is Kyle, and I am currently studying film at college. At the moment I am currently working on my final project. In this final project I want to develop my cinematography skills. Due to this I wanted to ask you two questions to help with my research if that is okey.

      1 – What is your thought process when coming up with the cinematography for all your films? For example, what do you take into account when lighting and composing a scene,

      2 – How do you decide, which lens you want to use and how important do you think lens choice is?

      3 – What helps to inspire you?

      I understand there are quite a few questions here and that you are probably busy so if you can’t answer all of them that is completely fine.

      Many thanks,

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      Roger Deakins

        1. The script and the director’s thoughts regarding the script. From that I use my imagination. It’s imagination, exploration and collaboration. After that come all the practical issues you have to take into account when you point a camera.

        2. The lens informs the audience where they are in relationship to the subject. I don’t know how the choice of the lens could be considered unimportant! Just take a photograph of a face on a variety of lenses! It should be clear why its important.

        3.  I’m inspired by everything I experience. What helps? More experiencing!


          Thank you for taking the time to reply. These answers have proven to be really beneficial, thank you.

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