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      Hi all,

      I feel like I’m missing something obvious here.

      If i’m shooting digital and balancing to make my lighting white, w/ full control over the envirnment. Is there anything to say wether I should choose 3200 or 5600k.

      The way they interact with skin tones would be the only thing I could think that would really effect the choice, Might certain sensors prefer one temperature.



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        Technically you’d have a little less noise at 5600K because sensors are naturally close to daylight-balance – the blue channel has to be boosted after raw conversion to make the image balanced for 3200K.

        However, regarding color reproduction, that is more an issue of the lighting technology involved rather than the color temperature. True daylight and tungsten are continuous spectrum sources whereas LEDs have spikes of color at different frequencies, some have more color phosphors / spikes with smaller gaps, creating more accurate color reproduction.


          Also the color science behind a particular camera design will have an effect on color, as well as any LUTs applied, etc.

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