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    1st square Ent

      Hi Ladies and Gents

      Would anyone recommend a highly quality 4k (60/120fps) camera I could use for music videos .I am looking at the Sony a7 iv .but honestly at this point it does cost an arm and a leg . Any high quality alternatives?


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        If renting isn’t an option, the least expensive camera I’m familiar with that can shoot UHD 4K in 120 fps is the Sony FX30.

        The Byre

          Panasonic FZ1000.  Cheap and has a good Leica zoom lens that goes from 29 to 400 without ghosting or flares.  If I do not want to schlepp a box of lenses and stands and recorder, etc., etc., I have two of these and they are my “grab-n-go!” cameras.  They only do Rec709, so no log, but we are talking about a really cheap camera here – ideal for YT videos and with a UHD/4000 image that is more than good enough!

          Tyler F

            I look at it this way– You are investing in yourself and if it’s something you plan to make a return on by creating an end product, it should pay itself back relatively quickly. I’m not sure what level you’re at, maybe your day rate is $500-1200/day f0r example and your kit fee is $300/day, you can expect to pay off that camera in a few videos. There is a saying that if you do it right the first time, it will be cheaper in the long run as you won’t be needing to upgrade again and again.

            And if you really want to pay it off quickly, throw it up on a rental site or house or rent it out to your friends and you’ve got yourself passive income.


              Blackmagic Design cameras offer fantastic price performance ratio.

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