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      Hi all,

      I shoot for fun mainly, narrative shorts. Sometimes I shoot the odd paid gig.

      I currently use a Panasonic S5 mirrorless, essentially using a hybrid stills camera like a lot of indie filmmakers do.

      However, I really want to move to a low cost (under £2k) “cinema” style camera, i.e. designed for video only, Blackmagic, Red etc.

      What would people recommend for this purpose if image quality is the primary concern??….A pocket 6K?…an old Red Scarlett / Sony FS5?

      I just want to hone my skills with the best possible sensor I can get for under 2K, preferably with the least rolling shutter possible since I prefer to shoot handheld.

      TIA 😉

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      Matt Stahley

        Honestly I’d keep using the S5 id you already own it. I just bought one myself. Better sensor and low light performance than the BM cameras IMO and I find Panasonics V-Log  and color science one of the better LOG profiles. The IBIS in the S5 is great. I hate to say it but if you can’t get the images you want from the S5 the other cameras are going to be any better, Id invest in lenses or if you are wanting better recording codecs an external recorder like the BM Video Assist or Ninja V. IM not sure there is a better camera under $2k.


          None of the cameras you mentioned has a better sensor and/or will give you better image quality than the S5.

          I think it’s a bit harder to get V-Log footage to a good grade compared to REDraw or Braw, but once you found a way, the S-line sensors provide great dynamic range and color.

          As already mentioned, a BMD VideoAssist or Atomos Ninja V will let you externally record Braw/Prores Raw for even better image quality.

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