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      Hello everyone,

      I am working on my thesis Paper about B/W Film in the 21. century and was wondering, if any of you knew a any good articles, interviews or books about the “why” of black and white.

      I certainly know why i like to work in monochrome, but thats probably not enough to satisfy my professor. Any input is greatly appreciated, thank you so much!

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        Im not aware of any specific book or article about the use of b&w in actual times but I’m sure there must be some paper on it. You could also expand the search not only about cinema but also photography. Dig on John Berger as he must have something on this topic I’m sure.

        I can only think of some of the reasons some directors or photographers have said on this matter. Quickly comes Nolan and his first movie, where he said it was for economic reasons, not only film and dev is cheaper compared to color but b&w also ease on production design hiding and lighting equipment is cheaper when no color is taking into account. Or when Eggers used b&w for The Lighthouse as simply stylistic choice. 2 completely different uses of b&w. Into the photography world many photojournalists not shooting breaking news in the 90s/00s or even today still shoot b&w. Each has its own reasons but many said they choose b&w because when you removed the colors on a picture all it’s left are forms and shapes. No colour to distract so an image have a deeper meaning. Also following this, my opinion, we humans don’t see in b&w so when we watch a b&w image we know it’s a representation of reality, not the reality itself, and thanks to this we are more open to absorb the interpretation or meaning the creator decided. Up to a point of course. As any image, moving or not is ambiguous.

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