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      Hi Roger,

      I have a question in regard to lighting a bathroom. It’s perhaps smaller than what you worked with in Prisoners (I have attached photos below). It is a party scene with lots of different colours and textures. The protagonist (who is happy) walks into the bathroom to check on her boyfriend (who is sitting in the shower, upset). Immediately, I think of lighting the hallway very playfully and the bathroom, more of a sombre blue – maybe, to convey the metaphor that the character is drowning.  I also don’t want to veer too far away from the vibrancy of the scene. How would you create this effect and light this bathroom? Additionally, I’m exploring the idea of utilising the shower water to create visually captivating patterns or interesting reflections. Do you have anything that you would be able to share?

      Thanks, I really appreciate your time

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        The first thought that crosses my mind, if you want to go with the metaphor you do is to use a pretty strong moonlight.  Put a bright daylight balanced light out of window just pointed straight in. The window already has that privacy texture, which may give it a similar feel right away.

        If that looks great, then just having a self RBG light on standy for the close to soften up any close up shots.

        If you’re shooting on anything that doesn’t have raw adjust the CTB a to more 2800-3600 and it will really exaggerate the blue of moonlight/water.

        Roger Deakins

          You have many options. moonlight would be one but you could also create a streetlight effect from outside. Of course, your schedule, whether you are shooting after dark, and if you have the necessary access outside will dictate what you can do. Personally, I might look into what kinds of light fixtures I could utilize inside the bathroom. There you have so many options whether they are film lights or simply from Home Depot.


            Thanks to both of you, I appreciate your replies

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