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      I am shooting a short film in a few weeks and have some questions about lighting it. The story is about a guy who meets his ex girlfriend on the toilet in a club and wants to get back together with her.

      The first scene is a club scene. The location has not yet been determined, but there are two options: one is an actual club with a light system, the other was once a club but doesn’t have any lights installed. Would you even use the lights of the club as ambient light? Or how would you recreate club lighting that looks realistic on camera?

      We have some RGB tube lights and RGB LED panels available for the shoot.

      Most scenes take place on the toilet. I have attached some pictures of the location below. There are no windows and the protagonists talk to each other while the ex girlfriend is sitting in a stall and scrolling on her phone. How would you light this scenes with the restricted space of a toilet stall to create depth in the image?


      I really appreciate everyone who could give advice.


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