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      I hope it is okay to ask for some advice as this is not directly film related, but something I figured many of you would be knowledgable in. I recently chose a university overseas to study film and was wondering if anyone has words of wisdom they would like to share. I am quite nervous about being homesick, in a different culture, and feeling anxious in a completely new setting. I am sure many of you have been on film sets far away from home or have been abroad for a longer period of time so I was wondering if there was anything that helped you find solace or ease in your distance.

      I will be in Glasgow, so if you are familiar or would like to share some fun things to do I would love to hear.

      Thank you!


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        I suppose every story is different, but i’d say that with Internet, video calls and so on it’s easier than in the past to get in touch with family and friends even when far away from them.

        Without knowing nothing about you and your story i could be wrong of course, but i’ve the impression that it’s the magnitude of the new adventure you are going to live (going to university, living abroad, leaving your world behind for some time, etc) that is somehow scaring you, more than the fact that it’s a different country. You know, that kind of “worried excitement” before a big jump.

        Live it like Bilbo would do : run away without a handkerchief shouting “i’m going to an adventure!” . 🙂

        Roger Deakins

          Glasgow is a wonderful city and there are so many interesting places nearby. For me, experiencing new places and meeting new people is invigorating and part of the life of a film maker.

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