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    Stefan Vrachev

      Hello, Mr Deakins
      This is a question for both you and James.
      In your significant experience have you noticed any real tangible significant difference between shooting on ARRIRAW vs ProRes 4444?
      This question is more about Alexa XT, Mini – not LF or the newer 35.
      I am hearing conflicting opinions about it, and some even say to me that you guys are perfectly fine shooting ProRes but because it is required by studio etc you use ARRIRAW.
      Can you elaborate?


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        ProRes bakes in the colour temp. If you shoot raw, you can also shoot open gate and use the full sensor of the XT.


          Raw is uncompressed plus color temperature and ISO are not baked in. And you can record Open Gate. Practically speaking, if you shoot carefully, the difference is subtle… the ProRes recording has a standard amount of sharpening built into it, so you may find that the footage feels slightly more “electronic” than a raw conversion with no sharpening.

        Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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