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      Hey Deakins Forum members,

      My name is Eamonn McManus. As part of my studies on a colour grading course, I’m working on a thesis about the latest advancements in adding grain for film and TV production, specifically focusing on trying to get a consensus of the opinion between DOPs and Colourists on the Arri ALEXA 35’s new in-camera texturing feature. Is there any chance you would take a moment to read the outline below and assess whether you would be interested in answering the survey?

      Thesis Outline // A consensus on in-camera texturing
      “In the era of the cutting-edge Arri Alexa 35 camera, which empowers directors of photography (DOPs) to introduce texture directly in-camera, our thesis project aims to explore the nuanced realm of texturing in cinematography. We will investigate the synergies and disparities between in-camera texturing and post-production techniques. Our focus extends to the intricate interplay of this internal texturing with critical elements such as aperture settings, ISO, and popular filters.

      Furthermore, our research will delve into the intriguing question of what transpires when post-production grain is superimposed onto an image already enriched with in-camera textures. To inform our study, we intend to conduct a comprehensive survey among Irish DOPs and colorists. This survey will shed light on their preferences and aspirations regarding texture in cinematography, as well as reveal the most favoured methods to achieve their artistic goals.”

      Given the incredible experience of forum members here, the insights would be incredibly valuable to the thesis. The input could genuinely shape the direction of my understanding, and I believe the perspective of professionals such the members here is essential to making a worthwhile thesis.

      The survey takes roughly 10 minutes. I hope the survey will help direct my further research so any help with getting the correct expertise to fill it out would be greatly appreciated.




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        Hello Eamonn,


        I was going to ask Roger and the forum members what they thought of the in-camera textures in the Arri Alexa 35 also. I’ve shot two films on the Arri Alexa 35 just recently and I am about to shoot another. For the first two I didn’t use the texture feature, but on this one, I am going to. I will be happy to do the survey. I look forward to hearing what Roger and others think. I like the textures feature.


        Roger Deakins

          I have not used ‘texturing’ on any film. I was intending to use a grain program the first time I shot with the Alexa but never did then or since.

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