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    M Ryan

      Well “Equalizer 3” popped up on streaming.. filmed on the Alexa 35. One thing I’m noticing is how relaxing on the eyes it feels – they are making great use of the range the camera gives – not every shot but even when they are pushing a heavy look it feels very natural – like a lighter hand can be used in the lighting and grade. Really looks great to me and would be interested what others are seeing.



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      Sean Buffini

        So far I like the look of the Alexa 35. I’m very sensitive to noise and it seems to be far cleaner than the ALEV3 sensors in the older Super35 Alexa cameras. You can reintroduce some of that grain with the texture library to return some life to the image, but I’m unsure how often that function will get used vs applying a film scan in post.

        That said, it’s increasingly apparent that many manufacturers are following a similar path, resulting in a rather homogenous landscape. If you told me Equalizer 3 was shot on the Sony Venice or Panavision DXL, I’d have no problem believing you.

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