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      I hope you are all doing well! In two days I will be interning on a film set for the first time ever and was wondering if there are pieces of advice any of you wish you knew on your first day.

      Thank you!


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        Make sure you have a box of assorted chocolates with you and hand them out to all of the crew.  They will remember you all right. Remember to ask questions, doesn’t matter how simple they are but do ask.  Show enthusiasm at all time and never look glum!


          Yea but stop asking questions should the going get tough, haha. You’ll learn so much just by being there and observing.

          Usually, film crew are really cool people, so don’t worry too much. I only met a few bad lemons in 20 years.

          One thing that you should avoid though is to make suggestions on something if you haven’t been asked, e.g. if the director and set designer discuss the color of the curtains, they’d probably not appreciate if you’d join their discussion 🙂


            Stay behind the camera and take notes of different workflows and responsibilities. People will notice you, trust me!

            Rick Cook

              Just be mindful of what you say and when you say it. I’ve had Camera PA’s say things or ask questions that really got in my head in the moment and made me question my decisions. It can be really distracting and if the wrong person hears it, you could plant and idea that gives the assumption something isn’t right. Remember, the Department Heads and Keys have been on this project for a while, planning and discussion. It’s not really helpful for you to have an Idea that deviates from their plans. If you notice something is truly wrong (starbucks cup in the shot) Whisper into your Keys ear 😉

            Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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