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      Hi Roger, We gotta shoot some scenes in a living room. We have mostly day time but one scene at night and a short dusk scene. I’m trying to convince the director to put sheers and defuse the windows to be able to put our lights outside to give us more control and create any type of lighting we want but he really want to see the exterior. The day scene we wanna go for  soft lighting. I attached the picture of the living room. I don’t see where I can’t hide my soft source outside.  What’s your advice in this case ? I wanna find a way to light the space to don’t do a lot of adjustments between every shot.

      Thank you


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      Tyler F

        Not Roger,

        Depending on your angles, could you ‘motivate’ your key by shooting alongside the window? Without knowing any details really, you could also bounce a few lights off the ceiling to bring up room tone and shape as you go into tighter frames.  Judging by the space, the biggest source you can get without moving too much around is a 6×6, maybe an 8×8 could just fit?

        Shed some more details and we can help you further!



          Not Roger neither.

          I would choose carefully the exact time of day for you to get the shots you need to see the exterior.
          If you plan carefully timing the sun and what light levels you get on the background you still can bounce light inside the room from the exterior by using bounces outside the frame.
          Fastest quick option is to embrace silhouette when windows are on the frame.

          For the rest of the shots ask to shoot along the windows and light as usual. No need for you to put sheers on windows actually IMO.

          Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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