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    Aidan Thornbury

      Hi James and Roger, I just wanted to thank the both of you and your team for taking the time to to have the book signing and discussion events.

      The ability to get a chance to meet the both of you and ask a couple of questions in person at Deborah Bell’s this Saturday was a great opportunity, along with being able to say a proper thank you for all the work you’ve done in providing such a profound learning resource in your podcast for those like myself who are still very much cutting their teeth on early work in their career.

      I hope the Byways journey continues to be a positive experience for you both, and thank you for making it one for those of us who could join you.


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      Roger Deakins

        The ‘Byways’ experience has already been a great success and inspirational for us. We hope to continue with similar events as the one at Deborah’s gallery. Our next will take place in Dallas.


          Hello! Is there a timeline or schedule for the tour, for example for Dallas on when/where it would be?

          Also, are there any plans to take the tour to Toronto, Ontario, Canada?

          Thank you!

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