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      Hello Roger,

      I recently finished watching your audio commentary on 1917, and I was really intrigued by the scene inside the bunker room, where George and Dean’s characters are informed on the mission.

      In the commentary you said the camera is attached to a stable eye, which is being lifted by a technocrane, slowly moving forwards. When the actors move, the camera is then taken off and carried by a grip, and whilst that happens the technocrane is being retracted and the ceiling is put back in place for the final shot of the scene.

      Why was the scene shot like this? I was very surprised when I heard this, and I’m wondering if you had thought of another way of shooting this scene first? It sounds like an awful lot of work and I never would have guessed it was shot like this.

      Lastly, I wish to thank you for taking the time to record your commentary, it was an amazing and very technically insightful audio track.

      Thanks for your time!

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      Roger Deakins

        If you have another idea please can you let me know. Given the camera had to move across two tables and between characters we could think of no alternative to a Technocrane. Well, we could have rigged the camera on a wire, which was my first thought, but this might have been even more complicated.


          I don’t think I could come up with a better idea, nonetheless, that was an amazing work done by you and the crew considering it helped tell the story, and none of the work seemed noticeable enough to disturb the scene. Up until I heard your commentary, I thought the scene was done sorely through a steadicam rig.

          Thanks for your answer!

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