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Denis Villeneuve & Roger Deakins find shot on Prisoners

Episdoe 7 – Lens Choice



Episode 7

In this episode, we talk about lens choice. What are your considerations when choosing lenses for a project. The aesthetics that different lenses bring. Why you would choose one lens over another. Primes vs. Zooms.

We also talk about how we test lenses and what we look for. Why we chose certain lenses for specific projects.

Lenses are a very important part of telling your story visually. It’s a great exercise to watch a movie and consider which lenses the cinematographer chose and how they helped tell the story visually.

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Released May 6, 2020, 9:00 AM PT

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  1. Loved this episode! The bit about focal lengths reminded me of this excerpt from the 2006 Cinematographer’s Style documentary. I thought it provides a great visual example for what Roger was saying about using wide vs long lenses.

    Starting from 1:30 mark

    • To my understanding when Roger names specific focal lengths he means equivalent to S35, as he shot most of his films on 35mm film or a digital camera with roughly the same sensor size. If I remember correctly they talked about the prime they used on 1917 in this episode which was a 40mm signature prime which would roughly be equivalent to a 32mm on 35mm film

  2. Love the podcast and this episode! The bit about wondering if there has been a film that slowly shifts to longer lenses over the course of it — Lumet did that with 12 Angry Men to make the room feel progressively smaller

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