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Search function on the site broken? (1 reply)

1 year ago
CameraChris 1 year ago

Dear James,

I just found out that the search function in the 'forums' section seems to be broken. No matter what I put in the search field the same error message pops out every time saying:

'ERROR: Sorry, there was an error. Please be sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled in your browser and try again.'

It has been quite handy in the past to make a quick research if an asked question was already answered before by Roger. Maybe if you find a minute inbetween could you take a look into that? That would be very much appreciated.

Another request: would it be possible to make the 'old' (archived) forum accessible for us users again? I believe there was a link in the above drop down menues in the very beginning of the new forum and at some point it just dissapeared. It was such an amazing & interesting knowledge base to so many newcomer filmmakers & admirers of Rogers work. I think it would be almost tragic to lose it forever...

Regards & many thanks for your work on the forum.

1 year ago
shenzo 1 year ago

I am seconding CameraChris' request to make available the old archived forum again. I am new to this forum and although I have never asked any question, I have been reading it avidly for a few months. The value of the informations given here by Roger just can't be quantified. It is not only the 'what light for that shot' informations, as these give an insight into Roger's approach and methods, but what I find precious is Roger's dedication to 'teach' in a way that frees one's approach to visual storytelling with simplicity and flexibility rather than stifling it with complexity, encouraging one to find one's vision of a scene rather than being preoccupied with lighting recipes. Of course there are a lot of technicalities to learn. But Roger never seem to emphasize this over vision. This coming from someone like Roger, feels like the type of mentoring any 'apprentice' would dream of. All this done with an elegance and humility that to me can only be the mark of someone utterly and completely dedicated to his craft. A true artist. I feel lucky for the time Roger is spending here and thankful to both James and Roger to make available this platform.

To know that there has been years of this type of discussions on a forum that has now disappeared feels tragic, to echo CameraChris. I have been able to find some existing pages on the Internet Archive but a lot of the links were not saved unfortunately. If these archives still exist somewhere, even in an incomplete form, please do consider putting it back online. I can help on the technical side if needed.

Kind regards

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