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Another "Thank You" to Roger and the site - also no replies required (No replies)

1 year ago
adrianr 1 year ago

I couldn't add to the similarly-titled topic started last week, so sorry for the duplication. Also, I'm not a very creative person although I do enjoy making attempts with my still photography, hence in essence, for this site, I'm a consumer.

Having really enjoyed the new Blade Runner 2049 movie I read more about it on the internet and eventually came to this site. I was then amazed at how many films I've seen (23) that Roger has worked on (and even more so at how many of them I'd rank amongst my favourites). So, I ordered Sicario on blu-ray having not seen it, watched it last night (24, now!) and it "blew me away" just as much as Blade Runner 2049 did. Obviously there are many factors making them both so enjoyable, but the quality of the cinematography is perhaps the main one, and in my humble opinion it is a common thread across Roger's career and from my quick assessment he is perhaps still growing in skill. I now want to watch everything that I've missed, and to re-watch those that I didn't!

What is really amazing, though, is the effort Roger takes here in making his knowledge and himself so accessible, and his commitment to allow others with the skills and desire to learn to do so, from his experience. Very commendable and, in another life, I'd have attempted to follow in his footsteps:-)

Thanks again, Adrian

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