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Hmm - now the 'You may not reply here' sign has gone away! Did you do something?

BTW, I for one really do appreciate the work that you do here - I used to run a form for audio stuff and for a couple of years we were the second busiest audio forum (after Gearslutz) and keeping up with rubbish like spam and writing code for daft stuff like picture dimensioning, deleting accounts, changing running orders and ranking members and improving search functions - it threatened to become a full-time job!

Then a massive fight broke out between members. The whole thing crashed and TBH I never really understood what some of them were so upset about - but it seemed to start with either politics or someone was stalking someone else. As a sound engineer, I'd make a truly rotten psychologist! Apparently some people have all sorts of feelings that have very little to do with microphones, phase cancellations, input impedances and the Haas effect. Silly, I know, but they are out there! Go figure!

Anyway, I have noticed that a couple of members here who otherwise have legitimate things to say about film and cinematography seem also to wish to inject politics and other non-film issues into debates. One of them tried to attack others here personally and perhaps that is something to be careful about - just a thought!

Anyway, it's now beer o'clock here in God's own chosen country, so once again, thanks for all the work you do!


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