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This website is awesome ! (3 replies)

David Laurent
2 years ago
David Laurent 2 years ago

I just discovered this website because someone in my classroom mentioned it in his presentation ! 

I’m definitely gonna be here for a while reeding everything ! 

2 years ago
Mike 2 years ago

Welcome to the forum David, very much look forward to your questions, doesn’t matter what the subject is, someone will do their best to answer you.

2 years ago
JustinBalog 2 years ago

Howdy David, welcome aboard! 


You're preaching to the choir for sure, this is such and incredible and unique resource.  Like crazy incredible and unique. 

Looking forward to chatting! 




2 years ago
Hans 2 years ago

A welcome from me too David!

Yes this website is fantastic. It's only a matter of time before we'll hear 'thank yous' to Roger and James in Oscar-speeches 🙂

But of course it's not about winning awards. It's about making the movies you want to make. 

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