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2 months ago
James 2 months ago

Hi all. We've decided to move forward with podcasting! I imagine we'll publish our first episode mid to late January. The format will be a dialogue between myself and Roger on a wide variety of topics. And yes, we will have guests from time to time.

At this point, my idea is to create 20 minute episodes and to publish every 2 weeks. I've created an email address - pod at - so members can send me suggestions of any topic they would like to see covered. You are also welcome to post your ideas here under this topic.

I'll keep you updated on our progress. I've never done a podcast before but after looking into it and talking with podcasters, I'm confident we'll not only be able to do it but we'll have a good time too. Looking forward to seeing what you'd like us to cover.


2 months ago
Luca_HC_Gruber 2 months ago

Oh I am so exited for this!

I wouldn't mind you two talking about some personal stories or your history together as a couple and team. Something laid back and familiar to get you warmed up in this whole podcast game 🙂 

1917 would be the first movie topic I'd love to hear. The film should be released worldwide by that point I think.

Will the podcast be released on this website or other podcast platforms?


2 months ago
James 2 months ago

I will have a link here on the website but also put it on other publishing platforms.

We will speak about 1917 but will need to wait for a bit so people get the chance to see it and we don't spoil anything.

David W
2 months ago
David W 2 months ago

Thank you so much! This is exciting, the questions that usually get asked to Roger and other great filmmakers are set up by interviewers, so I think this is huge now that fans get to ask their own questions.

2 months ago
merakjet 2 months ago

Hell yizz, ibe sharing and supportin.

1 month ago
Krishan 1 month ago

I would love to hear stories from set, below-the-line interviews with his longtime collaborators, and recurring segments that get into the details of a scene (coverage, composition, what worked and what didn't). I think that the featurettes and commentaries from David Fincher's movies could serve as great inspiration for the scope and depth of topics to talk about.

I would also love to hear stories about the art, people, and experiences that inspired him and his work. 

1 month ago
socearrullain 1 month ago

This is very exciting and would be very cool to listen to. I personally would like to hear about potential future collaborations yourself and Roger could be working on and perhaps some cool new cinematography challenges from Roger. 

2 weeks ago
James 2 weeks ago

Still hoping to get some topic suggestions!!

2 weeks ago

Hi James,

Great to hear about the podcast- yet another generous and encouraging tool from the both of you!

In terms of topics, I've always wanted to know a little more about Roger's thoughts as an artist on the place of his stills photography in his cinematography process. I've also wanted to know if he would consider publishing his stills- from reccy's and on location, but especially his own perhaps more personal B&W work?

I would also love to hear him talk more about how he approaches shooting landscapes in his work- there are too many beautiful locations that he has used to add drama, depth or character to stories, but his process in approaching landscapes, from the reccy to planning for lights, rehearsing and weather-watching. And how did 1917 put his experience to the test?

Have booked tickets for me and friends to see 1917 on the biggest screen Bristol has to offer tomorrow night- I am so ridiculously excited!!

Wishing you both the best for 2020.


2 weeks ago
Fend115 2 weeks ago

I would love to hear about what some of your guys' favorite films of 2019 were!

2 weeks ago
Shocko1993 2 weeks ago

I have a couple of suggestions for possible Podcast Questions 

1. Favourite Movies of 2019

2. Favourite Shot/Scene of 2019

3. Dream Project

4. Directors/Actors You Would Like To Work With

5. Favourite Country To Shoot In

6. 20th Anniversary of: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

7. Would You Ever Direct Your Own Movie

8. Would You Ever Write A Book About Your Life & Work

9. Favourite Hobbies When Not Working

10. Inspirations For 1917 One Shot

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