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simon m
1 week ago
simon m 1 week ago

Hello James and Roger. I'd love to hear Roger talk about his process of developing a 'shot list' from a script. I realize this would most likely be done with the director, so that would be interesting also. How far into the story and character does Roger go for coming up with certain shots? How does the mood of a certain scene affect his choice of camera placement? Does he have an over-arching philosophy regarding camera placement/movement?

I could keep going, but you get the idea. Hope you can use this in your podcasts. All the best.

David W
1 week ago
David W 1 week ago

Perhaps some insight on the process of choosing the composition when the story isnt storyboarded, how much does the director have the final call? 

1 week ago
Vanniyan 1 week ago

Hello James i love to hear roger shot constructions for different genre. Because shot construction vary depends the script. May be lens choice also. How much lensing affect the story.? 

5 days ago
gavinvmurrray 5 days ago

Working with AD's, Directors, and PD's in prep, getting on the same page and sharing vision, is a topic I'd love to hear more about. Also thoughts as to communicating with keys during prep, ie. if you talk budget with them, or if that's more of a conversation between the line producer and your keys. 

2 days ago
socearrullain 2 days ago

I read today that Roger said he wasn't a massive fan of Shawshank until a few years ago, and that actually made me both sad and reflective.


I love that movie, the story is perfect for film, the cinematography is just incredible and the pacing of the edit is perfect.


This is perhaps my all time fav movie. So I wonder what it was that made Roger dislike, or perhaps not be as happy with his work on this production until relatively recently?

In My extremely humble opinion, Shawshank is perhaps the best made movie of the 90s, hands down. 

It certainly inspired me, that is for sure. But I understand that things might not have gone as desired or been as smooth as one hoped on a project. Very keen to hear directly from Roger himself about the whole story in his own words. 


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