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Congrats Roger and James (5 replies and 2 comments)

2 weeks ago
CamiloTC 2 weeks ago

Congratulations Roger, you took this one home, but we win the best award; to see your work

1 week ago
James 1 week ago

Thank you! Very kind words!

1 week ago
CameraChris 1 week ago

Congratulations you two for your fantastic work & more than well deserved 2nd Oscar. Hopefully there many more wonderful movies to come!

Cheers, Chris.

1 week ago
Blaine 1 week ago

Congratulations to both Roger and James on the recent success of 1917. 
I have to say, watching those shots in the trenches during the opening sequence of 1917, I thought to myself, "this is pure magic". It really took my breath away.

1 week ago
harrygils 1 week ago

Congratulations from Canada! The movie was amazing!  Well deserved award you two!

1 week ago
Davidaaak 1 week ago

This is absolutely crazy to directly chat with an Oscar winning phenomenal talent. Power of internet. Congratulations for well deserved recognition. I am so excited to find out about this Forum to, firstly, read all answers you have given previously and secondly to be able to reach you for advice. Incredibly thankful for you doing this. 

1 week ago

I couldn't agree with you more, Davidaak.

1 week ago

It's amazing. Not many people can do this, but for him to take his time out of the day and chat with us about the movies and tips is amazing. And I love this. I'm excited to work on future projects as well as learning from one of the best in the business!

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