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Colour in movies. (1 reply and 1 comment)

5 months ago
2cool4jewels 5 months ago

Dear Mr Deakin, 

I've noticed some film breakdowns on youtube, etc, and curious about what they say about colour choices in movies.

For instance, yellow in Blade Runner 2049 placed where K finds a clue, green whenever Joi is around, and white for when K finds answer he's been searching for.

Is it really that deep or is it simply about what looks nice?

Warm regards


Roger Deakins
5 months ago
Roger Deakins 5 months ago

There are conscious color choices made and there are others where it may be driven by location etc. Sometimes a character does have a certain color attached to them but I wouldn't say any are as deep as you might be implying.

5 months ago

Location driven based colors best example NCFOM movie. Certainly comes to my mind.

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