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A new website section: DP for Hire! (3 replies)

simon m
6 days ago
simon m 6 days ago

Hello Roger and James,

First of all a big congratulations for your BAFTA and Oscar wins for '1917'. A cinematically engrossing film from start to finish. Bravo to you and your team!

My co-director and I have a feature length documentary project in the works. We're going to be in need of a DP for the project, and as it's a documentary, the budget will be limited so we will be looking for someone who isn't yet too well known. 

I'm wondering if you would be open to DP's, who are members of your site and looking for work, to post their contact info in a section of your website which is set up for this?

This may not fit with your plans for this website, and I would completely understand if that were the case. I just thought I'd run it by you and see what you thought.

I personally have learned SO MUCH from you over the years I feel like I've gone to the 'Roger Deakins Film School'. Really. I am so grateful for everything you've given so freely. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

6 days ago
Wouter 6 days ago

I vaguely remember that the website wasn't supposed to be about business related stuff. 

But it can't hurt to ask! 

6 days ago
gabj3 6 days ago

If you need a DP go to your local film school and whisper it. 

Hundreds will appear before you. Some don’t even go to the school. 

simon m
5 days ago
simon m 5 days ago

That is an excellent suggestion gabj3! I will do exactly that. cheers.

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