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Episode 81 - LARRY SHER - Cinematographer (3 replies)

Reese Brucker
5 months ago
Reese Brucker 5 months ago

Team Deakins speaks with cinematographer Larry Sher. We learn a lot about his many experiences with Todd Philips, including the movies The Hangover and The Joker. We talk about how color is an integral part of his work and how he loves location shooting with the mixtures of light, and how important it is, early on, to settle on what evening, dusk, and sunset mean light-wise. He shares his thoughts on operating, shooting with two cameras, working on big movies, and the differences in shooting film or digital. A lot gets covered!


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5 months ago
Gregg 5 months ago

I loved this episode.  I was fascinated to discover that you, Roger, sometimes view your images in black and white when composing the images to concentrate on the frames composition!

5 months ago
Baudelaire 5 months ago

Yeah another great episode. Remember joker floored me in the cinema

5 months ago
BM459 5 months ago

I'm excited to listen to this. The cinematography in Joker is really remarkable. 

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