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Episode 77 - ED LACHMAN - Cinematographer (2 replies)

Reese Brucker
5 months ago
Reese Brucker 5 months ago

Team Deakins has a great conversation with Cinematographer, Ed Lachman. We talk about many things, including his working with Robby Mueller and what he learned from him, his feeling on operating the camera, and finding your language with the director. He also shares his working process with director Todd Haynes, with whom he has collaborated many times. We go into depth on the movie “Far from Heaven” (one of his collaborations with Todd) from finding the look, the inspiration from Douglas Sirk films, and the use of colors. We also touch on the differences in using gels with film & with digital, his choice of lens, getting the look he wanted in “Dark Waters” and working with Paul Schrader. And much, much more!


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5 months ago
blueodyssey 5 months ago

Another wonderful episode.

Rossana Signorile
5 months ago
Rossana Signorile 5 months ago

Interesting episode, loved it! I find myself a bit jealous of his encounters at a such young age, since that has always been my dream... I mean, I'm 19 but I will never have the possibility to work with Deakins or just watch him at work! Some things just have to happen I guess. Thank you

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