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Episode 76 - MIKE LEIGH & DICK POPE - Director & Cinematographer (5 replies)

Reese Brucker
5 months ago
Reese Brucker 5 months ago

Team Deakins has the pleasure of sitting down with the long time collaborative team of Mike Leigh and Dick Pope. What a great conversation! Mike shares with us his method of working and delineates the difference between his work and that of the directors John Cassavetes and Ken Loach. We learn the importance of having the right location and being able to return to the location during the course of the shoot. As the film is an “ongoing investigation” of what it will be according to Mike, Dick shares how amazing the experience is when he sees the blocked scene play out on location for the first time. Mike speaks on his way of working with actors. We also learn why on the film Peterloo, which involved a lot of scenes with a lot of extras and battles, they chose not to do storyboards. Both Mike and Dick talk about the specifics of their collaboration and how it has strengthened over years. A fascinating look into a very special relationship between a director and cinematographer.


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5 months ago
BM459 5 months ago

Wow, I am so excited to listen to this! Thank you Team Deakins! 

5 months ago
styven7 5 months ago

Thank you so much for this, Mr Leigh is one of my favorite and dearest director's to my heart. I consider him and John Sayles to be the great humanistic film makers of my generation.

Topsy Turvy in particular is such an important film to me. It is the only film where I literally laugh and cry throughout the whole viewing. I love all his work. Thanks again for bringing this amazing podcast to us. It is one of the hidden jewels and bright points of 2020.

5 months ago
blueodyssey 5 months ago

Brilliant episode. Some great guests on this podcast! 

5 months ago
Baudelaire 5 months ago

I have very mixed feelings about Mike Leigh films but this was an absolutely fascinating episode. The working method  of keeping actors apart until they meet in the film an all the subsequent details to do with this absolutely stunned me. Naked had  a massive effect on me when i saw it for the first time, it really did sum up the feeling of going up to london from the north, the excitement mixed with the cold frightening outsiderly nature of it.

Joseph Elliott
5 months ago
Joseph Elliott 5 months ago

Great episode! Those two only make great movies, and they’ve made quite a lot of them.

Question! How do you feel about Ozu? And if you like him, do you have favourite films of his? I’ve long thought Mike Leigh might be inspired by (or at least admire) Ozu’s work, so it was a thrill to hear him mention him. Ozu has an enormous legacy in world cinema, but the only western directors I’ve heard cite him are Jim Jarmusch and Paul Dano.

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