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EPISODE 75 - JOHN WELLS - Director, Producer, Showrunner (No replies)

Reese Brucker
6 months ago
Reese Brucker 6 months ago

Team Deakins has a great conversation with John Wells, a director, producer, and showrunner of such television as ER, West Wing, Third Watch, Southland, and Shameless. John spells out the responsibilities of the position of showrunner on television, and we get to ask all the questions for which we’ve always wanted to know the answer! We learned a lot about the process in television series - how far in advance the scripts are done, the actors' ownership of their role, the importance of cinematographers in episodic TV. We also learned how much of the story is known at the start of the season and how the scripts change during the season. John also gives a thoughtful opinion on the effect of streaming on future moviemaking. We talk about writing a villain successfully, ensemble movies, and much, much more! Don’t miss this episode!

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