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Episode 64 - Jon Kilik - Getting the project off the ground (2 replies and 1 comment)

Reese Brucker
7 days ago
Reese Brucker 7 days ago

Team Deakins is happy to welcome producer Jon Kilik back again with a specific subject - how to get film projects off the ground. Because films are different, we look at the different ways you can move forward. Jon tells us about the need to be flexible without compromising the vision, how often compromises can be opportunities, and if you can’t bring the film’s operating price down, you might have to wait and do a smaller project first. He also walks us through the process of finding distribution for a film. We talk about how to deal with a project that is financed from many sources and how to structure this. He also touches on the weight a name actor adds to a project, how the process of filmmaking is making the project better everyday and dealing with stress. We’re so glad that Jon came back and delved into this subject with us!

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5 days ago
DPMatlosz 5 days ago

Fantastic podcast, as future cinematographers and filmmakers I do feel we need to be more present when it comes to a film being made from the early stages.  As well, this is great information for any cinematographer who wants a long career. Thank you Jon, Roger and James for sharing these insights, but also applying this to lower budget and indie films.  


Jimmy Matlosz Cinematographer

The Byre
4 days ago
The Byre 4 days ago

If an aspirant filmmaker only listens to one podcast or one set of guidance - make it this one!

4 days ago

Excellent podcast full of interesting content. One of the best so far.
What this space, Roger and James could be ‘hiring’ soon!

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