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Episode 6 - Beverly Wood - Film to Digital Journey (3 replies)

1 year ago
James 1 year ago

We had the pleasure of talking with Bev Wood, former Executive VP at Deluxe and Managing Director of eFilm. We’ve known her a long time and she’s been with us on the journey from film to digital. Bev has been a well known figure in Hollywood and we knew she would be fun to ruminate with on the move from film to digital.

We covered a lot of ground in this episode. We dug deep into the process of the lab and the early days of digital technology. We covered from dailies to release!

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1 year ago
MickGrow 1 year ago

I was listening to the great podcast episode with bev wood and the part I loved was when she used the metaphor about each specific digital camera being kinda like a specific film stock emulsion. (Approx 35 min)

And she was saying, know your camera and what it can do, from a color standpoint

And to cross reference another episode you guys mentioned lens testing by shooting a bare bulb to really test the lens. Which is a great specific test example.

Say we got a mini LF  to run some tests.

How would you suggest we learn the camera color? So we could understand what it can and can’t do like Bev mentioned?


1 year ago
Dmitriy.Nedria 1 year ago

Hi, guys

Thanks for this priceless podcast. You were talking a lot about color science, could you please recommend some books or films on that. The one I read is Josef Alberts and Johannes Itten.

11 months ago
Baudelaire 11 months ago

Dear James and Roger, have just finished listening attentively to your deep discussions on the historical bi platnum negative hot bath bleach triple dye overpass techniques. It hurt my mind. Thanks anyway though.

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