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Episode 57 - TURNING THE TABLES - Shawshank Redemption (3 replies)

Reese Brucker
3 months ago
Reese Brucker 3 months ago

In this episode, we get the tables turned upon us! Greig Fraser leads the conversation and asks US the questions. He starts by diving into our collaboration process and then moves onto the movie SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION. In addition, he chose 5 clips from the movie to discuss. We list and describe the clip in an accompanying PDF file for this episode that can be accessed by the link below. We also strayed from the movie discussion to talk about choosing the format of a movie, why one shoots anamorphic, choosing the camera for 1917, the pressure on the DP when trying to wait for the right light and the joy of seeing the performance as you are shooting. It’s a fun episode  which Greig skillfully leads. Don’t miss it. Use this link to download the PDF file. 



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3 months ago
zeevimber 3 months ago

Thanks for the episode, makes me really want to watch the movie again, so… is there a "good" transfer for it anywhere? I see all the Blu-rays have the same color timing and very mild changes:»

I don't have the DVD to compare, is this transfer OK? Any change of getting a new one soon?


Roger Deakins
3 months ago
Roger Deakins 3 months ago

I wish! I had the same problem when looking at the film again before our podcast recording. I have yet to discover a decent version. They are either blue or brown, the trees are a vivid green or the night work has no color.  Sometimes all these at the same time!

Stefan Vrachev
2 months ago
Stefan Vrachev 2 months ago

Hello. I love the "Turning the tables" format. Thank you for doing it. 

Was curious to ask, did Frank Darabont invite you to shoot "The green mile"?

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