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Episode 51 -ANDREW PATTERSON - Director (2 replies and 1 comment)

Reese Brucker
8 months ago
Reese Brucker 8 months ago

Team Deakins was excited to talk with emerging director, Andrew Patterson. After seeing his debut film, VAST OF NIGHT, we knew we wanted to talk with him. He leads us through the long path of getting his movie made, talks about his casting and the very interesting cadence of the dialogue of the film. He also speaks about wanting to make a movie that doesn’t start to looked aged but the look stays contemporary and what he did to achieve that. He also shares how he maximized his resources, what his first hires were and what he learned from his first film. A really interesting conversation with a very interesting filmmaker!


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8 months ago
Baudelaire 8 months ago

Yet Another great episode.  Incredible amount of nuts and bolts information on how to make a feature with minimum resources. Personally I really appreciate this kind of detail.

8 months ago

I enjoyed this episode! Haven’t seen Andrews film yet but it is now added to my watchlist.
Also nice to see you mention Robert Eggers and The Witch, Ive been wondering if you enjoyed his work, as a fan myself. Good stuff!

8 months ago
lukej 8 months ago

I really enjoyed this episode and came here to make a comment similar to Baudelaire - I appreciated Andrew's willingness to get into the small details of how he made his film. Thanks for the great interview!

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