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Episode 50- JOSH BROLIN- Actor (3 replies)

Reese Brucker
8 months ago
Reese Brucker 8 months ago

Team Deakins sits down with long time friend, actor Josh Brolin. We learned so much from him - how going into law is similar to being an actor (who knew?) and how acting is like golf (learned something new!). He also tells us how his interest in human behavior drew him to acting and he shares the very funny story of his audition for NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. He speaks of his experiences working with the Coen Brothers, he tells us what was involved in his THE AVENGERS role and shares how he was convinced to do SICARIO.  He also goes into how he relates with the camera crew, his prep for films and how he uses instagram as a platform for his prose. And that’s only a part of what we talked about!  Don’t miss it!


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8 months ago
Baudelaire 8 months ago

Another cracking episode His observations on playing a major cgi character (thanos) were very interesting and the results speak for themselves. IMHO. did he not mention the goonies or did i miss it?

8 months ago
BM459 8 months ago

Another amazing episode. Thank you to everyone involved! Roger and James, I am curious, hearing that you watched 'No Country for Old Men' for the first time in a few years, what are your thoughts on the film and the cinematography now that you are more removed from it? Have your opinions on the film changed over time? 

Roger Deakins
8 months ago
Roger Deakins 8 months ago

I feel the film is stronger than I remember it. Maybe that is because of all the not so great films I have seen since. In a similar way, 'Dr Strangelove' only gets better!

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