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Forum member Baudelaire made a great point earlier. When Robbins began his "old times were better" rant it just became hard to listen. Change is the only constant and every intelligent person should acknowledge this, even when it feels subjectively bad to lose something. Do we really lose everything great in the future? You need to embrace what we have now and what comes next. Make it yours, take part in it. Robbins is doing what many older people seem to do, they are lost in the now and they grasp for nostalgia. This is understandable and part of being human.

Understanding where he comes from, his arguments have still some basis. Like when he talks of physical stores, heck, I love them myself. The problem is, Robbins' arguments are black and white. There ARE still physical stores, mostly specialist, for example for vinyls, and if there are not near you anymore, you can order almost anything online. Yes, you can't talk to the store owner (and hey, they were not always people who would talk or know anything, anyway), but guess what, you can have discussions with people online, read blog posts and so on. That is the change. Medium has changed, everything else is nearly the same. People still collect physical media. Books are being published, CDs and vinyls pressed, Blu-rays released. Might not be like this forever, but at the moment, this is the reality.

Talking about streaming, catalogues and who chooses what. You want quality, older films, art or something different? Instead of talking about Netflix, maybe pick your service? We have Criterion, MUBI and others. The whole landscape is admittedly too fragmented right now, but the idea of streaming is solid. Eventually there will be a solution that will work better. It's not like TV was great when it started, right? Instead of just complaining, maybe take part in the discussion what would make things better.

I would also LOVE to read a fact based article on how things in cinema are OBJECTIVELY worse than before. Give me some stats, even. This is the only recurring part of the podcast I don't like because I find it entirely subjective. Team Deakins are also pushing their ideology more than I would like personally. Same goes for technology (VFX/CGI/etc) and I find it's not based completely on fact, but personal dread. Of course, I am not saying it is wrong to feel that or have an opinion. I'm just saying, are we REALLY having worse films and less interesting films because we have event films or because we have streaming? Are films worse because they are not shot entirely in-camera? And come on, why are we STILL having the discussion over superhero films in that particular way, when there are so many other films out there. Even other event films.

What I am trying to say with all this is: there are many obstacles and problems in the current film producing and distribution landscape, but when was the time when there were none? When did we NOT have event cinema in some sense? Think about it. Is it facts or just nostalgia?

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