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Episode 45 - JAKE GYLLENHAAL - Actor (4 replies)

Reese Brucker
9 months ago
Reese Brucker 9 months ago

Team Deakins had the opportunity to sit and talk with long time friend, actor Jake Gyllenhal for this episode. Jake speaks about his relationship with directors and with cinematographers. We speak about his work in Donnie Darko and Prisoners, as well as Jarhead and Wildlife. He speaks about how, as an actor, the final result is always in other people’s hands. He also shares how important the collaboration between actor and cinematographer is and the importance of creating a “safe place” for the actor in front of the camera. Although we were hoping he would explain the end of the movie Enemy (and he said he would!), we finished the episode without knowing any more! And we also got into the craft of building sand castles! A really fun conversation that gave us an insight into the world of an actor! Don’t miss it!


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The Byre
9 months ago
The Byre 9 months ago

A must-listen for anyone with directorial ambitions!

9 months ago
BM459 9 months ago

These are the kinds of conversations that I scour the internet for, but rarely find. Thank you, James for putting these together and asking such brilliant questions. I love hearing about Jake's relationship on set with Roger as both cinematographer and operator, especially how actors sometimes turn to Roger for guidance or feedback when the director isn't giving it to them. That is fascinating. Jake's performance in 'Prisoners' is one of the best I've ever seen, and I've heard him attribute some of that to Roger's cinematography in other interviews but it to hear it discussed in detail here is really amazing. It must be the highest compliment to you, Roger to hear an actor say that the way you light or frame them allows them to act a scene that they otherwise felt unequipped for. That's so inspiring to me. I love this podcast! 

9 months ago
ltsAlwaysSunny 9 months ago

I enjoy the range of highly technical conversations that breakdown for people who don't know the specifics. Like the convo with Mitch your key grip, what he does and how he does it. his concerns. 


A convo like this felt like Jake was existentially explaining his own wandering through the desert and how he's felt that films have been his oasis, or have driven him deeper into wandering. But it's so humanizing to hear a highly successful actor open up about struggling with the insecurities everyone feels in their own life. 


He seems like a really good dude. Thanks for this one

9 months ago
Baudelaire 9 months ago

Yes must add my thanks for this episode too. Fascinating and quite heart warming.

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