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Episode 23-Clayton Townsend - Producer (3 replies and 2 comments)

1 week ago
James 1 week ago

Team Deakins shares an enlightening conversation with esteemed producer, Clayton Townsend. His openness in sharing the details of the wide reaching job of a producer makes for a very interesting episode. Listen to learn the many responsibilities of a producer, the difference between various producer roles and the balance between his responsibilities to the studio and the director. A very important role in filmmaking and Clayton walks us through it!

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The Byre
7 days ago
The Byre 7 days ago

Interesting - I really enjoyed this one!  It is also interesting to hear that Roger's fellow professionals are listening to these podcasts!  

6 days ago
Lia 6 days ago

What a great insight into some of the aspects of what it means to work as a producer!

I especially enjoy listening to how most professional you talk to explains their career path. As someone fairly new to the industry this is very motivating and comforting to hear, knowing that so many individuals took different approaches to achieve project and career goals and how limitations pushed them to create in different ways oftentimes with an even better result - I find that very inspiring!

3 days ago
Frank 3 days ago

James, I remember in Haskell Wexler's documentary "Who Needs Sleep?" you talked about how a producer once told you that it was easy to hide money in a budget in overtime but not in shooting days, and I was wondering if you and Roger felt that anything had changed since then? Have schedules gotten worse, better, the same?

3 days ago

It hasn't gotten better. A 12 hour day is considered a short day.

The Byre
2 days ago

Wasn't there a case recently of someone dying because they fell asleep at the wheel when driving home from a shoot?

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