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Episode 163 - Byways (3 replies)

Reese Brucker
3 months ago
Reese Brucker 3 months ago

Team Deakins discusses Roger’s new book BYWAYS as we head into a hiatus from the podcast. In this episode, we discuss what taking stills gives to Roger that film does not, how he enjoys observing things and places, how there is no pressure to shoot anything specific, what he likes to take images of, and why he prefers to shoot in black and white. We talk about his time shooting for the Beaford Archive and developing his eye. He likes dedicating his day to shooting on his stills camera and he only takes iPhone photographs when he’s fishing. We discuss our incredible and collaborative experience working with Damiani, the publishers of BYWAYS.

IMAGES WE DISCUSSED: The Joy of Flight (72), Budapest Runners (116), and Lightning Strikes (131)

You can listen to the episode here!»»

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3 months ago
Mike 3 months ago

Interesting to hear James interviewing her husband, that’s not easy to do when you already know the answers but James performed it well and kept the energy going. It sounded authentic and Roger played his part well answering every question with a freshness and did not allow the listeners to tire. The questions were well chosen keeping Roger on his toes which got the best out of him.

It is very hard interviewing your other half!  Well done both of you.

2 months ago
Daniel 2 months ago

This was another fun episode to listen to. I do black and white street photography on 35mm and I usually save your podcast episodes for days when I'm developing film or printing contact sheets in my darkroom. 

I used to have my camera glued to my hand but I switched to dedicated shooting days like Roger. I enjoy going out alone for a few dedicated hours more because when I take a camera with me on routine trips I end up "hunting" for frames too much. 

Roger, did you ever end up experimenting with larger formats like 120 film or 4x5? 



2 months ago
FrankT 2 months ago

An excellent episode to go to a hiatus. I just wanted to say thanks for all the amazing podcasts the two of you have created, I feel like I've done a masters in film production with you in my ear while while riding my bike.

You should be very proud of this amazing series.


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